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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
I am an independent coffee processing consultant who studied Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis, before working for nearly a decade in the wine industry in Napa Valley. I've applied my training in microbiology and fermentation to coffee processing since 2014 and I am a licensed Q-grader and Q Processing specialist.


What kind of research do you do?
I AM NOT A RESEARCHER. I collect a lot of data on my trips to farms, and much of it is novel but I do not collect data for the goal of publication. I collect data to help inform my clients of the best processes for them


What do you do?
My mission is to empower producers with tools to improve processing practices and coffee quality.


Who are your clients?
I work with many along the value chain who are interested in increasing the quality and consistency of coffee they produce (Farmers, Producers and Exporters) or purchase (Importers and Roasters.)


How do you work?
Once I am hired I work with my clients to understand their operation and objectives in order to create custom processing protocols involving fruit selection, hygiene practices, controlled fermentation, and intentional drying. Sometimes these protocols can be executed without my physical presence and I can guide and support my client virtually. Other times, a client can request a site visit from me where I travel to their mill and process coffee alongside the producer, training them and their workers


I've noticed you often use yeast in your fermentations, why do you focus on yeast and not bacteria?
Yeasts are easier to isolate, dry and package. They travel well and have a very long shelf-life (up to 3 years) making them a more affordable choice than bacteria. They are also more robust, allowing for greater consistency and predictability.


Why do you add yeast instead of doing a natural fermentation?
Yeast are natural. The species of Saccharomyces I use is already natively found on coffee cherry skin. All we are usually doing is adding more of one species that is already present to increase consistency. By selecting yeast from a known catalog, we are able to select microbes based on the qualities we need or the aromatic and acid products we want to produce.


If I need yeast or other supplies do I buy them from you?
No, I do not sell yeast or other supplies. However I provide a list of recommendations to my clients and will put you in touch with the appropriate distributor in your country.


Where do you work?
I am based in Ohio, so most of my travel is to Central and South America. To see a complete list of previous countries CLICK HERE.


How do you chose your clients?
CLICK HERE to send me information about yourself to see how we can work together.