Better coffee begins at origin.

We work with coffee farmers, processors, exporters, importers and roasters to improve quality, consistency and resource management, beginning at origin.


I'm Lucia, a former winemaker turned coffee fermentation designer who uses the principles of microbiology to help bring out the best in your coffee.

I was born in Guatemala and moved to California at a young age. I studied Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis and trained as a winemaker in the Napa Valley. Today, I am a fermentation and coffee processing specialist and licensed Q-grader with years of experience working with coffee producers throughout Latin America. 

Hablo espanol, et francais aussi.


Mill and fermentation design, processing techniques and flavor optimization.




For roaster interested in conducting a fermentation trial at origin in partnership with their producers. Helps strengthen the direct trade relationship between roaster and farmer. Increase traceability of your coffee. Provide unique flavor profiles for your customers.


For a producer seeking to increase quality and consistency from batch to batch.  Increase efficiencies at the beneficio. Provide unique coffees for your customers.



Take your processing to the next level with a site visit.  Together we process coffee with a custom-designed fermentation protocol bespoke to your needs. Includes Q-grader evaluation and suggestions for roast profiles.