Welcome to the Making Coffee Podcast

I have been looking for a way to provide more insight into coffee microbiology and share my work with a broader audience.

I think this free podcast will let me bring more information to you in an accessible way.

I have been listening to podcasts for almost 10 years! I remember the first podcast I listened to was called The Nerdist Podcast in February 2010. The host Chris Hardwick is a comedian and he interviewed other comedians. I started listening for entertainment during my commute to work and while walking my dogs. In 2014 when I started traveling to coffee mills, I had a lot more time in airports, on planes, and cars getting to and from various coffee farms.

All that travel time—unfortunately I get motion sickness quite easily—meant I had hours and hours to explore new podcasts and I started listening not just for entertainment, but now for more educational content.

My beagles Max and Mila

My beagles Max and Mila

Today I no longer have my pups (that forced me to walk an hour everyday no matter what) and I have also significantly reduced the amount of off-season travel and so a few months ago I realized I found myself missing my podcast time. I now schedule time to walk around my neighborhood just to be able to listen to the podcasts that bring my life so much joy.

Being able to listen to information at my own pace, to pause, rewind and listen again—it's made a big difference in my development.

For a few years now I've had the goal to start a podcast and share more of my work and coffee philosophy, but I had Instagram as an outlet and the podcast took a back seat. I no longer feel Instagram is an appropriate container for what I want to share, therefore I am going to focus more on using the podcast platform instead.

My podcast episodes will discuss research papers that have been foundational to my coffee work and tell you how I have applied it in real life. I will also have interviews with coffee producers who are applying the information to process their own coffee.

If you do not see the episode player below, hit “refresh” on your browser.

Lucia Solis