Where to learn more about coffee fermentation and microbiology.


In this video, Lucia provides an overview of scientific concepts involved in coffee processing, focusing especially on microbiology and fermentation.

In this video, Lucia provides an overview of scientific concepts involved in coffee processing for Cuppers and Green buyers to understand where coffee flavor comes from.



Map it Forward—Podcast

Lucia Solis is a Microbiologist specializing in "microbial demucilagination working as an independent consultant working directly with coffee producers in origin countries to improve processing practices to increase quality


Sensory Summit—Presentation

An overview of Lucia's Sensory Summit 2017 presentation discussing the application of winemaking principles to coffee processing - which concepts to borrow and which to leave behind.

Opposites Extract—Podcast

On the Cafe Imports "Opposite Extract" podcast, Lucia talks with Joe Marrocco and Meister about common fermentation myths in coffee like "over-fermentation" and the distinction between "aerobic" and "anaerobic" fermentation.



Lucia answers questions on The Little Black Coffee Cup's blog about fermentation design and innovations in coffee processing, including controlled fermentations.


SCA Lecture—Podcast

This podcast captures Lucia's lecture with Laurent Berthiot from SCA 2017. Together they exploring the idea that fermentation, a process historically used to remove mucilage from the coffee seed to prevent spoilage, is an opportunity to enhance flavor and improve quality.


Coffee Talk—Article

In this article from Coffee Talk Magazine, Lucia writes about the opportunity for enhancing flavor using controlled fermentation techniques including yeast inoculations.



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