Trio provides a backstage look at the components of coffee’s seed to cup journey.

This round is a selection of 3 coffees from Rwanda that I worked on with Buf Coffee and Phoenix Coffee Co. It was an experiment to demonstrate the flavor impacts of coffee fermentation.


#1 — The Base-No Fermentation
The mucilage on this cherry was mechanically removed, meaning that there is negligible impact of fermentation on the flavor. This gives you a look at the raw material—the seed—which highlights the agronomic conditions, cultivar, picking and cherry selection, and drying practices.

#2 — 24hr Yeast Fermentation
As a result of the 24hr submerged fermentation with a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, this coffee ends up with high clarity, sweetness, citric and cola-like acidity. Regardless of preference, this coffee is more complex than #1.

#3 — 36hr Yeast Fermentation
As a result of the 36hr submerged fermentation time, this coffee develops a rounder structure, more vibrant acidity and a juicier finish. The longer a coffee is in contact with the yeast in the fermentation tank, the more opportunity for flavor development and complexity.

This package was created with compostable & biodegradable materials. The 100% cotton pouch can be re-used or composted. The kraft pouches are made with sugarcane adhesive, and can be composted. The info card can be recycled, and the tasty coffee will be consumed!

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